Postage stamps document the revolution

To honor people and cities that had a profound effect on the course of the Syrian revolution, anonymous artists created special stamps and published them on Facebook.

Stamps of the Syrian Revolution are mock postage 'stamps' that feature photos of events ripped from the headlines, or of influential people in the uprising. Sometimes the stamps feature key figures suggested by the fans of the page themselves.

Blank Noise

Blank Noise explores the issue of sexual harassment of women by combining personal storytelling with public actions. Women tell their stories by sending garments that they wore when harassed, blog together during a ‘blogathon’ about what happened to them, post photographs of places where they were harassed, and tell stories of how they reacted to street harassment.

Remixed presidential posters

Egyptians remixed images of President Mubarak into popular film posters. The images spread quickly on the internet. The humour in the posters took away from Mubarak’s mystique, and allowed people who did not think of themselves as activists to stand up to their president, even in a joking way. 

The Bell Bajao campaign: Fighting domestic violence

The Bell Bajao campaign was conceived by Mumbai-based NGO Breakthrough, to mobilise men to take a stand against domestic violence.

A series of public service announcements were broadcast on Indian radio, television and print showing men and boys who had witnessed domestic violence and intervened. 'Bell Bajao' translates as 'ring the bell', referring to the idea that anyone can help stop domestic violence by being proactive and drawing attention to it.

The Zero Rupee Note fights corruption

The Zero Rupee Note is a campaign tool that Vijay Anand created through his organisation 5th pillar.

The Zero Rupee note is a visual aid to mobilise people to say 'no' to corrupt officials and to expose where and when bribes are demanded. Its design is based on the Indian 50 Rupee note, but printed on the note in English and Tamil is the message: 'Eliminate Corruption at all levels' and 'I promise to neither accept nor give a bribe'.

Revolutionary Cartoons Expose the Regime's Brutality

In response to the Syrian regime's brutal suppression of the revolution, a group of artists are producing political cartoons and comic strips and publishing them anonymously on a Facebook page called Comic4Syria. More than 30 albums have been posted so far, featuring Arabic and translated cartoons and comic strips of the situation in Syria, addressing everything from President Bashar al-Assad's bloody crackdown to the response of the international community. Some comics even illustrate true stories that transpired during the revolution.

Women'sNet: Digital Storytelling

Digital Stories for Transformation documents stories rarely told, and rarely heard. Organised by Women's Net, an organisation working to advance gender equality and justice in South Africa, these videos allow women to share their personal experiences of surviving violence through digital storytelling. The approach allows people to use animation, photos, music, and live video to tell first-person stories. These are then distributed to human rights advocates, policy-makers, and service and aid workers.