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Info-activism examples from around the world.

To honor people and cities that had a profound effect on the course of the Syrian revolution, anonymous artists created special stamps and publishe

Journalist Noha Atef created TortureInEgypt.net in 2006 to document human rights abuses co

Kleercut was a campaign implemented by Greenpeace to end the use of virgin wood f

Blank Noise explores the issue of sexual harassment of women by combining persona

Egyptians remixed images of President Mubarak into popular film posters. The images spread quickly on the internet.

The Bell Bajao campaign was conceived by Mumbai-based NGO

The Zero Rupee Note is a campaign tool that Vijay Anand created through his organisati

After the Tunisian government blocked video sharing websites, advocates responded by making an

 An Italian software collective, Molleindustria, in collaboration with Ame

Sheno Ya3ni (which translates as “What’s that?” or “So what?”) is a group of actors from the Arab Gulf and the Middle East who created a series of

In response to the Syrian regime's brutal suppression of the revolution, a group of artists are producing political cartoons and comic strips and p

Visualising Palestine (VP) uses public information about

In 2010 Chevron, the second largest oil compa

As the Syrian regime continued its brutal suppression of the revolution, while publicly denying such violent actions, anonymous activists launched

To draw attention to laws banning women from driving cars in Saudi Arabia,

Using text messages and mobile phone photos, local people self-organised to find and share information that wasn’t available in the media during th

Tunisian bloggers collaborated on a mapping project that revealed the presidential plane was being used for extensive personal travel.

The Targuist Sniper was an advocate who filmed police officers in Morocco repeatedly demanding bribes from motorists and published them on YouTube

Citizens of Madagascar sent SMS messages to Foko about reports of violence by the military and police during demonstrations against a takeover of t

Digital Stories for Transformation documents stories rarely told, and rarely heard.

Wanting to raise public interest around the funding crisis for health in Sub-Saharan Africa and extend their support base to a young audience who w

Artists and advocates from Egypt created a short animated video based on traditional Arabic stories re-told from a feminist perspective.

The Pink Chaddi Campaign from India was a response to a right wing group's

In Lebanon, an LGBT advocacy organisation (not to be named here for privacy reasons) created a Facebook profile with no photo and no friends to saf

This documentary film produced by Witness in partnership with AJEDI-Ka,

The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) used digital video to document abusive c

Young people in Nigeria face obstables in getting accurate sexual and reproductive health information, due to stigma and taboos.  A collaboration b

TheyWorkForYou is a website that connects citizens with Members of Parliament in the U

As the Occupy movement gained ground in 2011,

Using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, Fair Play gathers invoices and othe

Citizens from Kenya can get information on government funding for development projects by sending a text message to

Belarusians created a group of websites they called LuNet, in mock honour of President Ale

In February 2011, after watching the late Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi give an hour-long speech in an attempt to regain control, Israeli D

The website Iamjan25.com collects images and videos captured by demonstrators in Tahrir Square,

In 2010, a community monitoring project in New Orleans led by activist group Louisiana Bucket

To provide a visual representation of the problems that the 1.7 million Gaza Strip residents encounter on a daily basis, an Israeli NGO,

Taking up the baton from Areej Khan's '

In order to circumvent internet censorship in China, bloggers have created a lexicon which makes puns out of words and phrases in the Chinese langu

Before the Egyptian presidential elections in May 2012, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi, proposed a 100-day plan for reinvigoratin