“Give Lukashenko his own Lu-net!”

Belarusians created a group of websites they called LuNet, in mock honour of President Alexander Lukasheko’s birthday, after he promised to increase internet censorship. The sites, which were a play on words using sites such as Youtube and Livejournal, were packed with government propaganda amid ironic posts which increased awareness to internet censorship and the detention of bloggers for political purposes.


IamJan25: Documenting the Egyptian uprising

The website collects images and videos captured by demonstrators in Tahrir Square, where hundreds of thousands of Egyptians gathered on 25 January 2011 to protest against the regime of then-president Hosni Mubarak. It is a collection of eye-witness accounts recording this significant piece of history from the point of view of the people on the ground. Containing over 7,000 videos and pictures, the website is the largest online archive of its kind.


There are many online services that can convert webpages to PDF files. These may be of use for printing or archiving internet pages.

With Web2PDF, you enter the internet address of a particular page on the internet into an online form. When this is submitted, the document is converted and presented to you as a downloadable document.


ObscuraCam is an Android application that allows you to obscure faces or objects in photos or videos to keep certain information private. It allows you to black out or pixelate certain areas of an image. You can also reverse pixelate, so that only the person is visible and the background becomes blurred.

The application also allows you to remove telltale metadata such as GPS location, phone make and model, and author information.

It was developed in partnership between human rights video organisation and the Guardian Project.


Scribus is a page layout program. It can be compared to Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign.

With Scribus you can create layouts for newsletters, bulletins, manuals, reports and other printed materials that require text and image layout. It is a good tool to use when you are creating publications that need a more specialised approach.

Scribus has a user-friendly interface but also supports advanced features like colour separation, CMYK, and flexible creation of PDF documents.