Who Made This?

The Info-Activism How-To Guide was produced by Tactical Tech.

Tactical Tech is an international NGO working at the point where advocacy meets technology. We use our technical expertise to increase the impact of campaigns in social justice and human rights. We believe that new technologies have significant potential to enhance the work of campaigners and advocates, giving them the tools to gather and analyse information and the means to turn that information into action. We work towards finding effective ways for marginalised communities and rights advocates to create and disseminate information; increasing the participation of marginalised communities in advocacy work on issues that affect their lives and increasing the accountability of institutions that directly impact the lives of marginalised communities.


The Info-Activism How-To Guide was written and produced by Tactical Tech with the added collaboration of FLOSS Manuals.

Additional material and support from the writers and editors listed below:

Tools curation: Mick Chesterman, Community Manager, Flossmanuals

Design: Julia Wolf & Daniel Desiderio Páez Castillo, La Loma,
Maya Zankoul

Compiling and Editing: Parker Mah
Coordination: Maya Ganesh, Parker Mah
Proofreading: Helen Kilbey
Website Development: Niko Para, Allan Stanley, Poornima Ramakrishna
Mobiles Chapter: Becky Faith
Content and production support: Bobby Soriano, Lucinda Linehan, Becky Faith, Parker Mah, Faith Bosworth, Maya Ganesh, and everyone else at Tactical Tech.


License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.