Mobile tips

Mobile phone security

Mobile phones are used by advocates all over the world, but they often store a great deal of information that should be kept private. In addition to contact lists, a mobile phone may contain call histories, calendars, text messages and emails.

Creating a video remix or mashup

A mashup or video remix is created by taking multiple sources of video, audio or stills and mixing them up.

'Found footage' (footage got from the internet) placed strategically with other images can create a new message through their juxtaposition. Mashups are usually short and simple – prerequisites for viral media. Repurposing footage in creative ways allows humour and irreverence to breathe new life into an issue.

Case studies

Automated cross-posting: Sunseed Desert Technology

Sunseed Desert Technology

Sunseed Desert Technology is a learning centre located in southern Spain, concentrating on solutions for semi-arid agriculture and low-impact living. The centre has a very limited budget to promote its activities and research. It has been increasingly relying on blog posts and social media to draw visitors to its website for ongoing publicity and fundraising drives.