Cloud computing, where data and services are stored online instead of on your local computer, offers a lot of advantages.

If you have used Dropbox or Google Docs you may be familiar with the convenience they offer. However, there are also concerns about the move towards the use of corporate cloud computing. Some of these concerns can be overcome by setting up your own cloud-like system using a service like ownCloud.

Grass-mud horse: Circumventing Censorship

In order to circumvent internet censorship in China, bloggers have created a lexicon which makes puns out of words and phrases in the Chinese language to talk about forbidden topics. It started with the 'grass-mud horse' – a mythical creature which sounds nearly the same as a dirty insult – as a tool to ridicule the government's blocking of vulgar content online. The grass-mud horse has achieved a personality, making its way into art, poetry and online videos, as well as inspiring an entire vocabulary of words.