Automated cross-posting: Sunseed Desert Technology

Sunseed Desert Technology

Sunseed Desert Technology is a learning centre located in southern Spain, concentrating on solutions for semi-arid agriculture and low-impact living. The centre has a very limited budget to promote its activities and research. It has been increasingly relying on blog posts and social media to draw visitors to its website for ongoing publicity and fundraising drives.


The proliferation of mobile computing devices in recent years has meant that websites can no longer remain static or stick to one screen resolution or aspect ratio. Your organisation's website should be optimised for a variety of devices and resolutions, to reach the widest number of users possible.

But how to test your website when you don't own every device?

Screenfly, a great tool from QuirkTools, allows you to virtually view any website in a variety of resolutions. There are presets for common devices, or you can set a custom resolution or rotation.


Bambuser is a live video service that allows you to capture, upload and store video from a mobile phone or webcam.

You can set up broadcasts, like channels, and share them publicly using social media, or share privately with just certain users. You can also view videos on your phone, and chat in real time.

Geo-tagging is possible. With certain platforms, you can also save a recording and upload it at a later time.


Magpi (formerly Episurveyor), is a web-based application that enables anyone to create a data entry form online, and then use this form to collect data on a mobile device. Once collected, data can be uploaded to the Magpi website for analysis or export.

The Magpi mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian phones. Simple information can also be collected from ANY phone using SMS.


Ushahidi is a highly flexible platform for information collection, visualisation and interactive mapping.

It was originally developed to map incidents of violence during the Kenyan elections in 2008. Now Ushahidi (meaning 'testimony' in Swahili), is widely used in many different scenarios, including emergency response management and citizen media. See a full list of deployments.


FrontlineSMS allows you to send and receive text messages over a mobile network.

Browser-based and built to run on Windows, Mac and Linux, FrontlineSMS can send text messages via phone, modem or online SMS aggregator.

Using Frontline SMS, you can deliver announcements, conduct polls and automate replies to incoming SMS. You can also visualise incoming data, helping you to quickly understand the results.


ZXing (pronounced 'zebra crossing') is an open source barcode image tool.

It can be used to create and read barcodes and QR codes. A QR code is a printed square of blocky pixels which can be scanned by devices including smart phones to point users to a web page, contact details or other information.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a way of tracking a company’s interactions with customers and clients. It involves using technology to organise and automate communication. CiviCRM is a free sofware internet-based approach to CRM, aimed specifically at NGOs, charities and other civic groups. In practice, it can be used by any organisation that would benefit from keeping track of their contacts. This is done with various tools that can help you with things like fundraising, event management, member management, mass e-mail marketing, peer-to-peer campaigns and case management.


Skype is the most popular service around for voice calls over the internet. You can also use live text chat and send files. Many international organisations rely on Skype to reduce their costs, using it instead of the telephone. It makes online collaboration between global grassroots communities easier, as it is both cheap and universal, supporting calls to landlines and mobile phones.