Kleercut was a campaign implemented by Greenpeace to end the use of virgin wood fibre in Kimberly-Clark products. 

CiviCRM software was used to collect contact information from people who visited the Kleercut website and send them email alerts to take further action, such as sending targeted emails to Kimberly-Clark shareholders or to take part in direct action near them. 

Gathering Citizen Reports of Violence

Citizens of Madagascar sent SMS messages to Foko about reports of violence by the military and police during demonstrations against a takeover of the government. These reports were published on an online map, and a team of local bloggers checked the messages for accuracy. As traditional media was compromised at the time, Foko’s website alerted citizens to trouble spots and gave a richer picture of the crisis than traditional reporting while ensuring an independent information source existed to report on events.



TheyWorkForYou is a website that connects citizens with Members of Parliament in the UK. Following a scandal in 2009 when the government sought to have MPs’ expenses claims kept secret, MySociety mobilised voters to send a few thousand individualised emails to MPs demanding transparency in the use of public funds. Soon after this campaign, the UK government agreed to disclose data on MP expenses.

Fair Play

Using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, Fair Play gathers invoices and other documents that show how the Slovakian government spends its money, adds this material to a database connected to its website, and invites people to use this information to influence political change.  By making the information easy to access, a debate was created around public spending and pressure for change became so great that one Slovak construction minister had to resign.


Jitsi is a communications program that allows you to chat securely using well-supported protocols like SIP, XMPP / Jabber, AIM / ICQ, Windows Live, Facebook and Yahoo. You can also make audio and video calls and share or stream your desktop to someone else. Conference calls and call recording are also possible. Most importantly, all of these features can be used together with a strong encryption.


Magpi (formerly Episurveyor), is a web-based application that enables anyone to create a data entry form online, and then use this form to collect data on a mobile device. Once collected, data can be uploaded to the Magpi website for analysis or export.

The Magpi mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian phones. Simple information can also be collected from ANY phone using SMS.


Ushahidi is a highly flexible platform for information collection, visualisation and interactive mapping.

It was originally developed to map incidents of violence during the Kenyan elections in 2008. Now Ushahidi (meaning 'testimony' in Swahili), is widely used in many different scenarios, including emergency response management and citizen media. See a full list of deployments.